Victorian Carriage Mystery Series

Full Moon
    In 1902, Newcastle, England enters the twentieth century by replacing its gas street lamps with electric lights, electrifying its trams, modernizing its police force, and attracting a serial killer.
    Detective Inspector Thomas Law investigates a series of bizarre murders where the victims include a barrister killed in his office late at night, an Irish prostitute slashed to death in a cemetery, a shopkeeper slain in broad daylight at his shop, and a shares broker killed in his riverside office.
    The only common elements to the murders are the manner in which the victims were killed — their throats ripped to shreds, apparently by the claws of a large animal — and the fact the killings all were committed during the full moon phase.
    The newspapers are full of stories of a werewolf roaming the city, but it is up to Detective Inspector Law to sift through the clues and find the only suspect with the motive and opportunity to commit the murders.

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